About The Investments Office

The Investments Office is responsible for investing and overseeing the University’s $1.5 billion in endowment and other long-term funds.  Managed by the University’s Chief Investment Officer, the Investments Office will seek to maximize long-term total returns consistent with a reasonable protection of principal and in accordance with the Board of Trustees investment policies and objectives. The Investments Office’s primary responsibilities are the management of the asset allocation of the University’s investment portfolio, the due diligence and oversight of external investment managers, the management of internal investment portfolios and providing the Treasurer, President, and Board of Trustee committees with the information they require to responsibly oversee investment activities. The Chief Investment Officer also serves as chair of the University’s Retirement Plan Investment Committee which oversees more than $1.5 billion in University retirement plan assets.

The University will use a multiple-manager, specialist structure in order to achieve the asset allocation targets developed by the Investment Visiting Committee. The University believes that such a structure provides a well-diversified investment strategy capable of achieving the long-term objectives of the Endowment Fund with an acceptable level of risk. External investment advisors will be retained to assist with the management of various portfolio segments. The University may retain more than one manager within each asset class or style category based on the size of the portfolio and the nature of that particular market segment.

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